Reasons to Use Trailer Guards

trailer guardsIf you are going to invest a lot of money on your boat, then make sure that you do not put it at risk by overlooking important parts. Suitable protection is the need of the hour and what better way to protect your boat than by using patented trailer guards? These guards will protect the most vulnerable part of your boat: the hull and they will also ensure that no damage is done to the hull.

With the right guard in place, you can travel to any part of Australia knowing that your boat is properly protected against scratches and marks as well as dents. Most trailer owners tend to forget about using these guards and they may have to pay a severe penalty for doing so. Instead of gambling on luck, you should spend a few dollars to protect the hull of your boat.

pintle hitch

trailer spare wheel mountThe nice part is that these guards are easy to install and they can also be removed without much fuss or bother. This is why thousands of boat enthusiasts prefer them. These guards are available in different sizes and are the perfect protection for your boat.

At Basic Trailer Parts, it is easy to buy a trailer spare wheel mount. You can choose the right one for your trailer and quickly mount it to the tongue of your trailer. It is the best accessory for handling your trailer spare tire up to one hundred pounds.

A pintle hitch on the other hand provides you with a clear advantage over traditional ball hitches (otherwise known as Ball mounts). They are great for towing and can easily haul up to four thousand pounds and gross trailer weight capacities up to 25, 000 pounds. its main purpose is to handle heavy-duty towing, particularly in off-road conditions as well as on rough terrains. It provides a pivot point around which other objects can turn.

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